ADF Example: LOV search region fields and operators

The ( example can be downloaded here.
Based on a recent forum thread, seems this idea could use some more 'how-to' type clarity. 
For LOV's on an ADF Faces UI, a popup dialog with search form and search results is presented to the user to facilitate search for specific values.
By default, the search form contains all queriable fields.
This example illustrates how to replace this by specific fields and/or operators chosen at design time.
1. DepartmentView has a view criteria defined as shown:

2. EmployeeView has a view accessor to DepartmentView which uses the criteria defined above (edit view accessor and shuttle the criteria from available to 'selected'

3. DepartmentName attribute of EmployeeView has an LOV defined - which is in turn based on a view accessor to DepartmentView. With the below settings, fields (and operators) defined in the criteria from DepartmentView will appear on the search region of the LOV:
PS: LOV = List of Values
LOV's are commonly defined on ViewObject attributes in 11g. That makes a more model-driven UI and keeps the business logic (that a field can hold a specific set of values) in ADFbc components. Not much work is required on the UI itself - apart from drag and drop.


Dipal said…
Hi Vijay,

How do we create similar list of values which is searchable using ejb data control?

Moreover, I want to save ID but want user to see value.



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