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My development box

The kit:
Intel i7 860 (A decent quad core, 64 bit, 8 thread processor)
6 GB Memory
Windows 7 (64 bit)
A 64 bit JDK (with a 32 bit JDK installed as backup just for JDeveloper at design time at the moment)

Running a weblogic cluster  with 2 managed SOA servers (Oracle SOA suite 11.1.1).
A weblogic admin server.
Making do with an XE database for now, the full blown Enterprise 11gR2 database - maybe later on a need basis. 

With the above running, i've already hit 5.17G of memory usage.
Another half a gig should do for JDeveloper.

But with a node manager and a BAM server, it should soon be time to stack in a set of low latency RAM cards - 8G to keep the sanity of a 'development box'; 16G be the dream.

Before that, I could do with switching off the Aero theme and other bells and whistles.
Disk transfer rate on this box is not on my side here, so i'm really not keen on anything crucial swapping in and out. So far, I haven't heard

- Not the fastest disk I/O
- Not the lowest …