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ADF & Event driven Integration with a BPMN process

The usecase for my sample application is:
A standalone application exists to create/update 'Departments'. Originally, it was not intended to be part of an automated process (BPEL or BPMN) but now business decided that their process for the creation of a department is actually more than just data entry in the standalone application. It also now involves an approval. 

1. Every interaction with a software application in a business environment is part of some process - the process may or may not have been analysed, modelled in a standard notation or automated, but it's a process nonetheless.
2. When we interact with software applications, we generate 'events' (Order fulfilled event, Loan approved event, etc.). 
3. The sample applications for this post can be downloaded from here and consist of: 
                  a) The SOA/BPM composite application - event listener 
                  b) The standalone ADF web application - event producer
 (Instructions to setup an…