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Minor observations on the ADF standards document

My original title to this post was: "Entity/Entities, Key abstractions and nouns". 

Just noticed this very useful document on "ADF naming and project layout guidelines" published recently. It represents a valuable and exhaustive resource that many projects and programmers (including myself) benefit from. 

I'm a fan of the 'convention over configuration' approach so prefer to leverage the framework/IDE features and default settings to the maximum (while attempting to keep myself aware of when and what to change)

On a few minor points, I have a slightly different preference [I don't suggest massive deviation from what the wizard creates - but these can add value in making names more meaningful and closer to how they model a business]:

1. Singular entity namesI prefer entity names to be singular**: Customer, Sale, Department, Employee, Location
So, for a table called SALES default entity name generated by the wizard would be Sales - my preference would be t…