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My first take on SOA/BPM Suite 12c.

The Oracle Fusion Middleware circles have been abuzz this weekend with the launch of the latest and greatest release of BPM/SOA Suite 12c.

The 12c release announcement late Friday evening (GMT+1, UK time)  caught me pleasantly off guard as during the past 6 months I have been very focused on a client project.

Listing below are just a few of my initial notes on the features that caught my attention.

- Experience with initial installation
   Downloaded the generic quick start installation bundle for 64 bit JVM's. 
   After the download, it took 9 minutes to install and get JDev running with a blank BPM project (Others on the twitter hashtag #BPMSuite12c reported around 15-20 minutes so I think my lower time might be due to the solid state drive in my laptop). 
Configuration of the integrated domain and launching the server took longer though but was straightforward and smooth. 
  I really might be one of the first few  in the UK (maybe even the first) who reported installing 12c on the twi…