Maven builds for SOA 12c Composites with BPEL Java embedding and Java class

Enviornment: Oracle SOA Suite 12.2.1

Sample Application:
(Git clone or use the download option from here: )

 A BPEL component has a Java embedding that in turn calls a Java class method (under the usual SCA-INF/src)

This works and builds find using JDeveloper, but the oracle-soa-plugin for maven seems to have a few known issues (see references for one of them) that cause builds for such composites to fail. 

 My Java embedding, referring to my class com.singhpora.samples.SOAApplication.SCAJava under SCA-INF/src can be seen here: 

When I build the SOA project using "mvn clean package"  (from the SOAProject directory with the default pom) , you can see that I get two distinct errors as shown below: 
a) It can't find my class from under SCA-INF/src 
b) It cannot find even the BPEL platform classes

The workaround(s) for the two issues above involve:
a) create a simple java pom file under SCA-INF 

b) Add SOA/SCA-INF as a module in the 'Application' level pom 

c) Workaround for the second issue where it can't find BPEL's libraries:
Observe the use of maven-dependency-plugin here (which essentialy copies a BPEL platform dependency temporarily under SCA-INF/lib to keep the compiler happy):

After using the above workarounds, if I now build my application using the application pom, it builds and deploys fine:
(run mvn clean pre-integration-test from the SOAApplication level). 
As you can see, it now builds the two modules and the application. 

At runtime, my Java code is invoked successfully:

References/Related links:
2)   Same as workaround c)
3)   Builds for java classes under under SCA-INF but a slightly different approach:


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