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Progress with the Oracle Integration Cloud Adapter SDK

In the past few days, I have been making some progress with using the ICS Cloud Adapter SDK.  Today, I created my first shell adapter - the design time views can be seen below!

The journey so far:   * Installation of all the offline material [Check]
Gotcha's to note here: the step to install SDK patches wasn't required for 12.2.1 (the version I was on).   * Reading through the documentation [Ongoing]  * Developing the empty adapter and deploying it for design time and runtime [Check]
There are a number of integration use-cases that we have identified. If all goes well, these will be available for a wider rollout, helping customers implement some complex integration use-cases with some important cloud services in "hours, not months" in keeping with the Oracle ICS philosophy (and in line with DRY software engineering)!
More coming soon...