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Oracle Integration Cloud - insights and analytics with Splunk

Sharing some interesting insights that I obtained from runtime information of integration flows in Oracle Integration Cloud - extracted into Splunk. My approach was to extract the activity trace already available in OIC, slightly reformat the data using python/shell scripts, ingest them into Splunk and create these visualisations. I will not go into too many technical details here but enough to show what's possible.I should add that Oracle Management Cloud (especially Log Analytics) might have something similar, but as of this writing, I am not aware of anything similar that might be pre-built specifically for Oracle Integration Cloud. OIC's own monitoring dashboard provides pre-configured insights at a high level, and of course, one can drill down into individual runtime instances to identify problems. But my objective here is to create something more flexible and dynamic that could be extended and more importantly, could be used to analyse historical trends. This is valuable…